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The Power of Words

Coming Soon!

The Power of Words is an important book that helps children understand the awesome power of words. Words can hurt or heal, show love or hate. It's import...

Greta's Garden

Coming Soon!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to explore. On one of her adventures, she stumbled upon a hidden wall that seemed to lead to nowhere - but when she got closer, she saw something extraordinary!

The little girl couldn't believe what she had discovered - an oasis of beauty and serenity hidden away from the rest of the world. She watched in wonder for what seemed like hours, and when she left, she knew this would be a place to which she could always return - full of adven...

Oliver's Journey Through Denial

Coming Soon!

Oliver's Journey Through Denial is a heartwarming children's book that gently introduces the concept of grief and the importance of talking about our feelings. It teache...

Where Is My Grandpa?

Published: 10/2/2021

Where Is My Grandpa? is a beautifully written and much needed book that explores euphemisms people use to refer to a death. Euphemisms can be confusing to young...

Popcorn Popcorn

Published: 11/1/2021

Written by Kimberly Swedberg and Caleb Swedberg. Illustrated by Harry Aveira.

Popcorn Popcorn is a delightful children's book that celebrates popcorn. This delicious treat can be found on the Thanksgiving...

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